Community Residential Rehabilitation-Host Home

Individualized care to help children get back home

In the Community Residential Rehabilitation – Host Home (CRR-HH) program, we provide structure and individualized treatment for children and caregivers to support them with returning to their natural family settings.

Although it’s an out of home placement, the provider family setting is a more natural environment than a facility-based setting, where children/adolescents are able to transfer the skills that were learned back into their natural home.

The ultimate goal of CRR-HH is to build upon family relationships, enhance coping skills, ensure the child is maintained within the school, home and community settings in order to decrease the need for out-of-home placements after a child returns home.

Support, Strength, Stability for Every Child

Community Residential Rehabilitation—Intensive Treatment Program:

CRR-ITP is the most intensive level of care provided by CSG. This program is designed for children with extensive, severe emotional and behavioral problems. Treatment is individualized and incorporates child and family strengths, and follows CSG’s treatment principles of recovery and resiliency and trauma-informed care. Evidence-based therapy and interventions are utilized, most notably Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). Active family involvement is essential and required during treatment as the time the child spends in the CRR-ITP program is limited to a maximum of 9 months. Only one child will be placed within the Provider family at a time so that the highly trained Provider Parents can mentor the natural family throughout the child’s treatment; a Mental Health Professional and Case Manager support the child, natural family, and provider family as well. CRR-ITP is funded through managed care organizations.

Community Residential Rehabilitation—Host Home:

CRR-HH is an intensive level of care provided by CSG and designed for children with severe emotional or behavioral problems. Treatment involves intense, clinical, and cost effective treatment that is individualized to the needs of the child in a nurturing and therapeutic family environment. Structured mental health services include a Provider family who implements the primary treatment alongside CSG’s Mental Health Professional and Case Manager. Individual and family therapy are essential CRR-HH services. Interdisciplinary partnerships with collateral service providers assures the child’s treatment includes appropriate educational and recreational settings. CRR-HH is funded through managed care organizations.

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